security cameras in Addis Ababa cost 43 million birr

Ethiopian news today

Addis Ababa City has used 43 million birr for security cameras, the Information Network Security Agency said.

Information Network Security Agency Director Abdulbasit Ahmed said that there were 140 “security cameras” in the city.

This is demonstrating that the infrastructure of the first phase of the city’s security camera installation has been completed 90 percent.The director said that the cameras were completed and that the cameras were still fully operational within a few months.

When the project is completed, it will provide a wide range of services to the federal police and help to remove the city’s security problems.According to the Federal Police Commission’s Infrastructure Development Directorate, Deputy Director of UNITED NATIONS, the technology has been widely used in developing countries, and we have seen recent attempts to use technology in our country.

Ethiopian news today

The technology has been particularly important in pre-crisis prevention, he said.Therefore, the project called for the people to take care of themselves by taking into account the small budget of the project.Local drivers were also required to drive safely so as to avoid damage to the infrastructure.

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