A dietary system that was eaten by the entire world

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It was revealed by researchers that saving a life of 10 billion people by saving lives.

A series of scientific research has been held to investigate how billions of people can be fed over the next few decades.

The researchers say the meat and dairy products have not completely eliminated the world, but require a nutrition-based diet based on vegetables and pulses.

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50 grams, beans, lobsters, lentils and other cereals – 75 grams, fats – 28 grams, eggs – 13 grams (one and a few servings per week), red meat – 14 grams and 29 grams, depending on the new diet. Chicken Meat, Carbohydrate – All kinds of cereals such as bread, breads, bees and chickens – 250 grams or a glass of milk, 300 grams and 200 grams of berries.

One of the pilots, Professor Walter Wilhelm, one of the pilgrims, said, “These foods can be prepared and used differently, enabling us to have a healthy diet.

A total of 37 scientists from around the world gathered at the ETH-Lanc Commission in a survey of two years, suggesting that by 2050, up to 10 billion people will be solved by 2015.

According to the researchers, the new diet is able to save an estimated 11 million people each year from health problems caused by unhealthy diets.

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The goal of the research experts is to reduce the risk of climate change and the preservation of natural environment, alongside the feeding of many people.

The number of rabies is expected to be reduced by half and the volume of the crop is expected to increase.

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