Eng. Takele Umma on a meeting with real estate developers.

Ethiopian Breaking News- the suspension on 28 real estate developers is canceled.

Addis Ababa City Deputy Mayor, Eng. Takele Umma, gave an order for Land Development & management office to restart their services for the 28 real estate developers. The Deputy Mayor state that only courts have the right to suspend, not the federal police. On the meeting held on Wednesday, which aimed on solving real estate issues two major problems were discussed. The first one was about services, which city administration failed to provide and the second was real estate developers failure on finishing on time.

Eng. Takele Umma said, “The country is lead by the rule of law. Unless the court orders to do so, no one’s business will not be suspended. If police wants to investigate, no one will defend, but police cannot say do not sell your products. Only court could say so.”

In addition to this, real estate developer said, the suspension letter issued by Federal police and circulated in all sub cities was a headache for them and it ruined their good name. Deputy Mayor Eng. Takele Umma created a special task force to resolve these and related issues. The task force is led by Land Development & management office and it includes staffs from plan commission, Construction Office, Custom office, construction control authority and mayor office of Addis Ababa. In addition Tsehay real estate and sunshine real estate.

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The task force will resolve problems related to transfer of ownership, offering Lease Holding certificate, infrastructure providing (light, telecommunication, water and sanitation services). And it is expected that the real estate developers finish their constructions and fulfill their promises up on time.

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