The owner of Fikir Garment has been arrested

Fikir Garment was one of the companies to win a tender among other 17 companies to provide 15,000 uniforms for government students. However, as per the information from Addis Ababa City administration, the company has provide uniforms with under quality materials.

Therefore, the police has arrested him for the causes he has made.

Ato Dawit Mindaye, official at Mayor office of Addis Ababa

Higher official at Addis Ababa City administration, Ato Dawit Mindaye said, “The owner of Fikir Garment has provided uniforms made with Kashmir material, where the standard was to titren 6000. Therefore we have asked them to bring back the first payment made for the company”.

Following this, the administration has posted a warning letter on the company’s wall. However, the owner and the manager of the company did not appear at their office and did not return the money. Therefore, the police has arrested him for the causes he has made.

Wrt Feben Teshome, spokeswoman of the mayor, have stated that the owner has refund the first payment to their office and those 15,000 uniforms were re ordered with other companies and will be available soon. Those students who did not start their education because of the absence of uniform will has started their education on the past Monday.


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