Police officer, who raped young street boy got prisoned

police officer in Lideta sub city, addis ababa, got sentenced for 9 years for raping young street boy whose age was 15 years old. the police officer went to street at night locally 7 pm and pick one street teenage by accusing him and telling him he is going to be arrested.

the police officer took the boy to community police center and told him to sleep on the bed found in the office. the teenage accepted his order and slept on the bed. in the mean time, the police officer took off his clothes and slept besides him. however, the boy awaken when he knew he was raping by the officer.

when the boy tried to shout out for help, the police officer scared him with machete. the young boy was raped for three times at that night. finally his street friends and some people in the nieghbor hood heard this from the boy and took him to the hospital and open a case against the police officer.

finally the primary court have sentenced 9 year imprisonment on the police officer by considering the case. however, many are not satisfied with the decision made by the court.

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