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Sudan has been elected chairman of the East African Development Intergovernmental Authority (IGAD).

The 13th East African Development Intergovernmental Authority (IGAD) Leadership Summit was held in Addis Ababa.

In the meeting, Sudan announced that IGAD was the chair of IGAD.

Notably, at the leaders’ summit, Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu officially announced IGAD’s role as secretary of south-west Mali.

Prime Minister Abby Ahmed IGAD said he will continue to work for the region’s peace and security.

He noted that the country has done a great job in crisis management and conflict resolution, particularly in recent times.

In addition, the country has also worked effectively to promote peace and development in the region.

The Prime Minister also commended the country for their confidence in Ethiopia to lead the institute for many years.

It is expected that he will make a decision on the structure and structure of the IGAD presented at the IGAD Ministerial Meeting yesterday.

In addition, it will affect decisions on the political activities of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Eden.

The issue of the election of the IGAD Chairperson will also be the final agenda of the leaders’ meeting.

The 47th IGAD Ministerial Meeting was to be held yesterday.

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