Info – What about Jawar’s Unexpected Action?

The Amhara and Oromia regional agriculture bureaus are working to prevent the incessant rains from damaging the harvest, he said.

Daba Debele, head of the Oromia Regional Bureau of Agriculture and Natural Resources, said that some 6 million hectares of land is covered during the dry season.

He also said that community-based harvesting activities are underway to reduce the effects of seasonal rains on production.

The official said the damage has not been harmed by the ongoing rains and measures will be taken to increase community participation according to local conditions.

He noted that the locality is still in control of the locusts, and that the protection of the herd is still ongoing.

Amhara Regional Agriculture Bureau Director of Agricultural Development and Protection, Ato Alegiz, on his part said that the rainfall in some areas of the region has caused irreparable damage.

Next, they noted that rapid harvesting activities are underway to prevent further damage.

Efforts have also been shown in efforts to control locusts, which are another threat to production, in the region.

However, they also noted that surveillance and preventive measures are under way because of the risk.

Our site has been observed that farmers are doing a good harvesting of harvest in the area.

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