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The construction of the tunnel-wagon and curb road has been officially launched.

The project was officially inaugurated with the presence of federal and regional officials, including Ato Temengen Tsehneh, Amhara Regional State Minister, Transport Minister Mrs Dagamw Moss and Ethiopian Roads Authority.

Twenty-four kilometers (79 meters) long, 19 km wide and 10 meters wide, are said to be the main road of the Twin-Walega-Kura.

The construction of the asphalt concrete level is estimated to cost 1 billion 873 million 489,476 and the cost of construction will be covered by the Ethiopian government.

The construction of the road has been completed in three years and the service will be reopened.

In addition to linking the North and South Wollo zones with the completion of the road, it is said that it connects the town of Dessie with the town of Qatar, Wolega, Tianta and Kure.

According to information from the Ethiopian Roads Authority, the problem is that the public will be able to move to a more affordable location by alleviating the problem of transport in the area.

According to the Authority, it is in the process of initiating a bid to launch a curb – glue – shield and road construction project.

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