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The Oromo and Amhara Scholar Forum was held today at the Ili Hotel in Addis Ababa.

In the forum, consultation was made to strengthen the ties of the people and the unity of the country.

It was suggested that the issues could be solved through discussion and ideas, and that the unity of the two peoples was important to Ethiopia beyond the regions.

Participants expressed the importance of the role of all Ethiopians for the unity of Ethiopia.

It has also been argued that the scholars of the two regions should work together to eliminate differences.

Articles on the common value and unity of the people were presented and discussed at the forum.

In addition, the role of scholars has been discussed in articles on nation-building and the common values ​​of the people of Amhara and Oromo.

The forum was organized a month ago and aims to help scholars of the country contribute to the discussion of differences in national construction and unity and other national issues.

It is also said that the country is aiming to create a platform for you to get everything you can from scholars.

It will be recalled that similar public forums and public forums have been held in the past.

Beyond this, it is also worth remembering that the two regional investors and youth forum have recently been held.

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