Either way, we must support the government! “

The Standing Committee urged government agencies to address the problems they are facing.

The Revenue and Finance Affairs Standing Committee of the House of Peoples’ Representatives has reviewed the performance of the first quarter of 2012

Eight of the development enterprises in the country have been reviewed in the quarterly performance report by the Agriculture, Sugar Corporation, Chemical Industry Corporation, Development Bank, Metal and Engineering Corporation, Ethiopian Shipping Logistics Service Enterprise, and Commerce Corporation.

The Standing Committee, in conjunction with the government’s development agencies and officials from the institutions, noted that the performance was low on the basis of the reports.

Despite the fact that there is no consistent system for conducting corporate fertilizer marketing and distribution, the Commission has established that the guidelines should be legally implemented, despite the fact that the corporation has been exposed to collection problems, shortage of funds, and shortage of foreign currency.

Construction Works Corporation: Under the contract management, the Standing Committee noted that most of the performance recorded during the fiscal year was low, especially when irrigation infrastructures were severely depleted.

Specifically, the committee urged that special projects should be developed so quickly and quickly that they do not require additional time and expense, as the transport infrastructure project is 31.1%, Omo Kuraz Irrigation 14% and the water infrastructure construction project 35.6%.

According to the committee, Omo Nos. 1 and 5, figs 1 and 2, Wolkait and Tdahoho Sugar factories need to be completed as soon as they cannot be completed on time and on budget, the committee said.

Public sector enterprises have also been documented to be the lowest performing under the government’s share of payments and foreign loan repayments.

While the agency is expected to monitor and monitor all development agencies responsible for its mandate under the proclamation, it is expected to be effective in the short term, mainly in support of organizations that are in crisis management or financial management.

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