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Discussions were documented on the National Security Risk Response System developed by the National Information and Security Service.

The document explores and analyzes global, local and national factors.

According to the discussion, Deputy Director General of the National Information and Security Service, the document was prepared as the National Information and Security Service initiated by the National Security Service as a result of national security, as it is the product of a number of issues.

The purpose of the discussion on the document is to raise awareness on the national security threats and response system, he said, adding that input from various stakeholders will be presented to the government after the input is amended.

According to the Deputy Director General, the document is designed to harmonize the experiences of other countries with national context.

He said it would enable the national security risk response system, which has been led by the institutions, to be organized in a coordinated capacity.

In addition to the positive changes that are being recorded independently of the government’s security sector reform, information and security agencies will work together to ensure the lives of citizens, peace and security of the country, he said.

The National Security Risk Response System document explores the system by which stakeholders respond in a coordinated manner, risk management, information and security agencies’ functions and responsibilities and more.

Respondents and academics from the forum responded to a variety of questions, and the service said in a statement sent to Fana Broadcasting Corporation that constructive comments will be documented and a series of discussions will be held.

The National Security Risk Response System allows for a coordinated response to problems related to human, terrorist and other security issues.

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